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and creator Jerry Bola

I started in the martial arts when I was about 19 years old in 1980. I started with a Tae Kwon Do club. It was a mixture of kick boxing, boxing and tae kwon do. A few years later in the mid 80’s I was teaching. The main reason I joined a martial art club was because I wanted to learn how to defend myself; actually I wanted to learn how to fight. I grew up very small and because of my size I was  bullied. I left home when I was 16 to go and work in a sawmill and continued to get bullied by the adults. I started lifting weights thinking I would get bigger and stronger but it didn’t really help much when a guy punched me in the side of the head. I joined a martial art gym and after that I was hooked. I never looked back; I have been teaching and training since then.

In the years to come I realize most people were only interested in training, not so much learning the traditional martial arts. After 8 years in the making I came up with the Martial Art Extreme (MAE) program. I look back on the years that I was working out and I believe that if I had a program like MAE my training would have been much better and I would have progressed a lot faster. I created MAE so people don’t have to force themselves out of their comfort zones by joining a gym or a dojo. They can have all the training they need right in their living room and a price that is affordable. This is an awesome workout that you can do at home. The reason why I created MAE is the reason why I joined martial arts to begin with; I want everyone to experience the confidence you gain when you train with MAE, it will change your life like it did mine and many others.

Strength Training

Build strength in your legs, core and arms with forceful punches and kicks.


Increase your flexibility over time as you control your movements and increase your range of motion.

Weight Loss

Stay consistent and you will see the results. The more you train and sweat your body will crave healthy foods and you will notice weight loss and increased strength. 

The Program

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Will you improve?

Improve your Flexibility, Focus, Technique and Confidence by training with our program.

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