• SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE- Lose weight, tone muscle, gain flexibility, increase endurance and build confidence in under 1 hour 3-7 days a week for a toned beach body
  • COLLECTION OF 14 DVDS-10 killer workouts, 2 tutorial videos explaining basic techniques to avoid injury and 2 Bonus Bag programs.
  • Certified Black Belt Instructor Jerry Bola provides demonstrations and easy-to-follow video make you sweat and work all of your muscles, abs, chest, legs and arms
  • NUTRITIONAL BOOKLET- and training schedules to choose to fit into mens and womens homeworkout schedules.
  • NO NEED FOR EQUIPMENT- exercise without dumbells, bars, benches, weights. Punching gloves and Bag is optional.

MAE – Martial Art Extreme. How MAE WORKS: Forget about traditional methods of training. It’s time we focus on results! MAE is the breakthrough in total body fitness. By combining karate, taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing and hiit Jerry Bola was able to create a unique and stimulating program to achieve results quickly. The goal is to focus on getting your technique right while increasing your heart rate. Besides perfecting your fighting technique, you’re working out with purpose. You build strength, endurance, and you shed weight like you haven’t seen before! The best part: You can do it all from the comfort of your own home! MAE is great for all ages including children and even seniors. It’s super easy to use and fits into any daily schedule and with so many workouts to choose from you won’t get bored. As an added bonus we’ve included a simple but still yummy dietary plan to follow because all workouts require proper nutritional to fuel the body. Start Training and Get Fit!

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